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EVRIM is a veteran-owned small business devoted to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness—one crushed goal at a time. Its flagship product, the Pursuit Goal Journal, consistently earns high marks and an almost cult-like following on Amazon for its straightforward, science-backed method of breaking down goals into accountable and achievable tasks. For a growing suite of action-packed, made in America, goal-planning products —and to start pursuing your dreams now—visit pursuitgoaljournal.com.


At EVRIM, we design products that help people pursue the life of their dreams by giving them the space to plan, the time to execute, and a reason to celebrate.


A goal guidebook with a cult following, The Pursuit Goal Journal is a straightforward goal guide that focuses on a single pursuit and reverse engineers its success with accountable, actionable, and achievable steps. Veteran-owned and made in the USA, each journal is designed to accelerate you from idea to execution without distracting you with procrastination potholes. Learn how to build a life in Pursuit at pursuitgoaljournal.com.


West Point grad, Chinook helicopter pilot, business developer, and epic side-hustler, Bryan Dunn owes much of his success to a single ritual—putting each goal in writing and literally bringing it to life with accountable, actionable, and achievable steps. The latest on his list of accomplishments—purchase the company behind his favorite Pursuit Goal Journal (check), and help more people live their dreams by getting their goals down—and getting them done.

Learn more about Bryan and his latest pursuit on Twitter @GoalsBryan and @Pursuit_Goal

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